Utilicast Selected as System Integrator by Major Northwest Utility

A major NW Utility with over a 4 million service area population has selected Utilicast as its System Integrator to replace its Energy Management System (EMS).

The primary scope of this 3-year project involves the complex migration from a GE eTerra platform to an OSI monarch EMS platform, expecting a seamless integration, adherence to regulatory standards, and customizations to address specific operational needs, including all necessary data migrations, compliance considerations, and to leverage OSI’s Monarch System SA capabilities best, specifically integrating the platform with external data sources and entities.

The end goal for this project is to empower the Utility with technology and business capabilities that will enable them to effectively perform their work on a system that they have confidence in, support the Utility’s future business needs, and help them achieve their long-term greenhouse gas emissions target and other 2030 objectives.

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