‘Charging Ahead with Utilicast’ Series

In case you missed it, Utilicast introduced a new podcast/video series, ‘Charging Ahead with Utilicast’! The series deep dives into the dynamic world of electric utilities as we discuss industry trends, share our invaluable insights, and explore our cutting-edge solutions, 

Why should you tune in? 
Industry Trends: Stay ahead with comprehensive discussions on current trends and future projections.
Expert Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from leaders in the field.
Innovative Solutions: Discover the latest advancements and solutions.
The most current impacts on our industry are within Transmission, Distribution, and NERC/FERC Compliance.  Our first three ‘Charging Ahead with Utilicast’! tackle NERC & FERC Compliance, FERC Order 881, and NAESB WEQ-023 (formerly NERC MOD-030).
Our next episode will address FERC Order 2222. 

Go to our LinkedIn page to listen to the first three episodes, and follow it to catch each future episode and be part of the conversation!

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