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Our Culture

Utilicast has evolved into a unique culture that allows us to deliver remarkable results while serving as a place for our employees to flourish. The exact same principles that underpin our philosophy also shape our culture: Value, Simplicity, Transparency, Agility, and Collaboration.

Here are some of the ways that our guiding principles show up in our unique culture:


Our value to our clients comes from our experience and expertise. To maximize this value, we strive to ensure our consultants work in the areas of their passion and strengths. Our people have a tremendous amount of freedom about what types of projects they take on. The result is a very low turnover with great care for work products.


We know our purpose: working with great clients to solve critical problems while making the energy industry more effective and efficient. It’s that simple. We remove everything that isn’t directly related to that purpose. As a result, our organization is incredibly non-hierarchical, and our administrative processes are efficient and effective.


Transparency, and trust go hand-in-hand. We don’t feel the need to control information or shape messages to our people or to our clients. We simply share what we think and what we know, and then we invest the time to have the necessary follow-up conversations to make things right. When you work with Utilicast, you will always know where you stand and where we are going.


We empower and support our employees to do what they do best: read the situation and apply their knowledge and skills to deliver an appropriate solution.


Even the best and brightest individuals cannot do everything on their own. We cultivate a cohesive network of leaders and experts and we make that network available to everyone within our organization. When it comes to building our teams, we look for people who want to be part of something bigger, something more effective and more fun. We look for people who believe quality work is its own reward.


We encourage our people to pursue their passion. Our people feel a greater sense of autonomy and choice when it comes to the projects they take on and the work they do than consultants in other firms. Our people get to choose how much they want to stretch themselves and what direction they want to take with their careers. This creates an amazing feeling of empowerment and personal satisfaction that simply cannot be found in any other organization.