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Our Story

Founded in 2000, Utilicast was created to address a gap in the rapidly shifting energy industry landscape. Utilities and system operators were struggling to keep up as the industry rapidly moved towards deregulation. When they turned to the consulting world for help, they found only two options.

  • The first was a handful of large consulting firms, specializing in large-scale system implementations. Although these firms brought some deep industry experts to the table, they relied on large numbers of less experienced consultants to get the work done. Projects became excessively large, unnecessarily expensive, and painfully slow to react.
  • The second option was a small pool of deeply knowledgeable and highly skilled, independent consultants. Of course, there never seemed to be enough of these highly capable individuals to go around. Relying on such a small number of individuals was not a scalable approach when it came to the most complex challenges facing the industry.

In the face of these challenges, a new type of consulting company was born. Utilicast.

Utilicast created a network of industry’s most impactful thought leaders and successful practitioners. This collection of exceptional individuals, held together by a unique philosophy and innovative methodology, began tackling the most complex challenges of the day.

Nearly two decades later, we have never deviated from the formula that made us successful in those early years…Bring the best people, to work with the best clients, to solve the most interesting and complex problems, to make the energy industry more effective and more efficient for everyone.

Our Utilicast Overview video below provides insight into the three components that has supported our success for over two decades.: Who we are, What we do, and How we do it