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Charging Ahead

The podcast where we dive deep into the dynamic world of energy, technology, and the innovative solutions that make our world a better place!

CAWU Ep. 04 | FERC 2222

CAWU Ep. 03 | MOD-30 (Flowgate Methodology)

CACW Ep. 02 | FERC 881

CAWU Ep. 01 | NERC & FERC Compliance

Meet Chris Unton, Utilicast’s Compliance Lead. Chris studied Computer Science before earning an MBA. Prior to joining Utilicast in 2013, Chris worked at two utility organizations, a large Midwest utility followed by a major ISO/RTO. During his 20+ year career, he built a perspective that understands operations, IT and compliance.

Chris and his team stay on top of NERC & FERC’s latest standards and requirements. They collaborate with our clients to establish process-based solutions that they can integrate into their operational culture. Utilicast provides our clients with Mock Audits, Gap Assessments, and Design & Architecture of Compliance Program buildout.