Through a competitive RFP process, a western U.S. investor-owned utility awarded Utilicast with a 3-year project to provide Solution Architecture as a Service (SAaaS) on its capital projects.

Mexico’s Secretary of Energy (SENER) selected Utilicast to assess the calculation of marginal losses in the Mexican national electricity market (Análsis del Cálculo Realizado para Determinar el Sobrecobro por las Pérdidas Marginales).

Through a competitive RFP process, the city of Tacoma selected Utilicast to serve as it System Integrator for an EMS replacement project (see Bid Results from Tacoma Board Meeting).

Through a competitive RFP process, SMUD selected Utilicast to assess readiness and provide Project Management services for the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (see SMUD Bid Results).

Through a competitive RFP process, the city of San Francisco PUC awarded Utilicast with a 5-year Power Consulting Contract. The consulting scope covers power supply management support, energy trading risk management and settlements support, energy scheduling and trading support, and community choice aggregation (CCA) and customer billing support.
(see SF PUC Award Announcement).

As an extension of the ADMS consulting engagement, a northeast U.S. investor-owned utility hired Utilicast to augment its deliverables to include writing the RFP for a replacement EMS.

Midcontinent ISO (MISO) hired Utilicast as the primary consultant to support an evaluation of the capability of their market systems. Utilicast supported all work streams to assess current system capabilities, identify process bottlenecks and outline future options. A project description can be found in MISO Technology Committee Presentation (note: Utilicast’s role is summarized on slide 9).

A large international industrial company hired Utilicast to support their U.S. Demand Response strategy. Utilicast helped the client understand U.S Markets and requirements to provide Demand Response Product offerings. Utilicast also advised with the NERC CIP requirements to serve as a Generation Operator.

Through a competitive RFP process, Bonneville Power Administration awarded Utilicast with project to review the Transmission and Generation business, conduct a Gap Analysis and develop a modernization roadmap.