What We Do

Smart Grid & Metering Operations

Smart Grid & Metering Operations

Per the Department of Energy (DOE), ‘Smart Grid’ generally refers to a class of technology that utilities are using to modernize their electrical delivery and distribution systems. Utilicast supports our clients as they navigate through the new business, organizational and technological challenges that typically accompany any grid modernization effort.

Smart Grid & Metering Operations

Our services include supporting utilities with strategy and roadmap development, procurement and deployment of key Smart Grid enablement technologies and systems to include:

  • AMI/Smart Meter deployments & integration
  • Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS)
  • Outage Management Systems (OMS)
  • Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related modeling
  • Data Analytics/Big Data

Our Modernization Roadmap methodology enables our clients to set a clear and concise vision and realize the full value on their people, processes and technology for their modernization effort.  It includes:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Future State Assessment/Vision
  • Market/Vendor Assessment
  • Gap and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Technology Roadmap and Implementation Plan

Additional expertise in this area includes:

  • Customer Information System (CIS) replacement and/or upgrade initiatives
  • Meter-to-Cash and related integration between AMI, MDM and CIS
  • Advanced Metering Operations and related integration between AMI, MDM, OMS, ADMS and CIS