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Grid Operations

Grid Operations Services

The software systems supporting Grid Operations today are rapidly changing as a result of many influencing factors: growth, replacement of aging physical infrastructure, regulatory and security compliance changes, and the integration of new technologies such as Solar, Wind, and Storage systems, all of which affect the efficiency and reliability of the power grid if not properly implemented.

Utilicast has years of experience delivering technology solutions to our customers and working with a variety of vendors whose platforms and software solutions span the technologies being used in every control center around the world today. Utilicast project managers, engineers, analysts, developers and integrators are all subject-matter experts well versed in supporting, customizing, upgrading and replacing Energy Management Systems (EMS). Utilicast uses best practice work methods in all of our work efforts and, in many cases, we adapt our work methods specific to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our approach is to provide cost-effective consulting services that drive excellence and generate levels of success that exceed our customers’ goals and objectives.   

Grid Operations Expertise:

  • Project Management, Engineering and IT Support for EMS Support, Maintenance, Upgrades, Custom Software Development, and total System Replacement
    • Technology Roadmap Development and Planning
    • Requirements and Specification development for vendor solicitations
    • EMS (Total Platform, Modeling, Graphics, Historians, Reports)
    • SCADA Front End and ICCP Protocols (Configuration, Modeling, Point-to-Point Testing)
    • Custom Application development
    • Visualization (Synchrophasor configuration and implementation)
    • Power System Modeling (Real-time, Dispatch Training Simulators, and Study Applications) 
    • Integration, Testing, and Commissioning Services
    • Training for System Operators and IT Staff

We continue to assist Electric Utilities and RTO/ISO throughout North America and beyond to achieve success in implementing their Grid Control Center projects, on time, in scope and within budget. Contact us to learn more!

EMS Support, Custom Application, Upgrade, and Replacement Services

Utilicast provides highly skilled staff who can provide support, develop and implement custom applications, perform EMS system upgrades, or execute the replacement of the entire EMS system, regardless of the vendor you prefer. Our staff can work with you and your stakeholders on a variety of projects, whether to establish a technology roadmap with solid requirements and specifications, develop a Request for Proposal (RFP), assist in the vendor selection process, execute the implementation, integration, and commissioning of an application or system, or provide Project Management for specific projects or an entire program from beginning to end.

Many utilities have a relationship with their EMS vendor and will usually follow that vendor’s technology roadmap in order to keep their system up-to-date, relevant, and compatible with other legacy systems. Yet, in some cases, the existing vendor’s platform may fall behind in versions and/or not fully support a customer’s requirements and will require custom applications be developed or upgraded. In more extreme cases, the entire EMS may require replacement due to severe system changes or operational constraints that creates liability for the utility. Any of these situations can and will occur at a time when the utility is resource constrained — which is where Utilicast comes along. 

Utilicast is well suited to assist our customers due to the high caliber of our staff, coupled with the fact that are vendor neutral and noncompetitive since we do not own software. Because of this, we can effectively work with the customer and interface with its vendor in a non-threatening manner. This allows us to implement systems, make custom application changes and/or reconfigure existing applications (in many cases without changing code) in a positive manner that fully supports our customers’ needs. We place consultants on site who embed themselves within a customer’s work teams, bringing and sharing their strong expertise and electric utility industry experience with the customer and their stakeholders. We see this as a pure value add for our customers.

Contact us to assist you with your project, big or small, we’re here to serve you!