Our Work


Through a competitive process, A northwestern U.S. utility hires Utilicast to provide consulting services, project leadership, and subject matter expertise to facilitate and ensure successful implementation of their Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) Program.

Utilicast was hired by a U.S. laboratory to create a nationwide bulk electrical system (BES) model for grid resilience enhancement using real-time Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) and Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) live stream.

As a result of recent generation asset acquisitions, a southeastern U.S. utility hires Utilicast to perform project management services for a data migration effort for the new assets.

Utilicast contracts with a large California utility to provide analysis, design and implementation support for a Data Analytics Platform (DAP).

Through a competitive process, Utilicast was select to provide display building and application development support for a northwestern U.S. utility that is upgrading their current Energy Management System (EMS).

Utilicast is hired to perform a cost assessment for a Midwest utility to join a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).

A California utility hired Utilicast to pursue a resolution to generation station service billing discrepancies between the market operator and the local electric utility.

A northeastern U.S. utility hired Utilicast to perform testing/validation and implementation of Day-Ahead, 7 Day-Ahead and Real-time forecasting for up to 29 wind farms/sites.

Utilicast was hired by an ISO/RTO to perform project engineering for a major Energy Management System (EMS) upgrade.

A U.S. Market Operator contracted with Utilicast to provide requirements definition, functional/technical design, defect resolution, testing and post-implementation support for their replacement Settlement Management System, Market Settlement System and Transmission Settlement Systems.