Vanessa Ramirez

Ms. Ramirez has been involved in the energy sector for over 14 years with experience spanning from transmission interconnection studies, power system studies for power producers, ISO’s, energy market analysis, and smart grid implementation in distribution systems at major US utilities. Before joining Utilicast, she was a Manager for The Structure Group for 8 years with smart grid assignments in the distribution automation and IT DMS areas. Previously she had worked at Navigant consulting as a Senior Consultant were she participated in transmission asset analyses, FERC compliance, and transfer capacity/ interconnection access in the transmission systems. She has also worked at PB Power as an Engineer Consultant performing studies on grid congestion/pricing, congestion management, ancillary service functions, and reactive power assessment of deregulated markets performed through modeling of the system using different power tool applications. Ms. Ramirez is the co-author of several white papers, holds two US patents, and has authored several articles on energy and sustainability.