Rick Hoefer

Mr. Hoefer is an expert in the areas of ISO/RTO market design, settlements and Tariffs. Mr. Hoefer was instrumental in the original design of the NYISO markets and also in the subsequent Standard Market Design 2 (SMD2). He specialized in developing settlement rules and Tariff language regarding these rules. Mr. Hoefer later assisted MISO in development of the Energy and Operating Reserves Market, especially in the areas of settlements, ancillary services and Tariff design. Mr. Hoefer has also provided similar assistance to CAISO, SPP, and various other parties in the U.S. In addition, Mr. Hoefer has aided the NYISO in developing solutions to several seams issues. He assisted in developing Coordinated Transaction Scheduling, currently used between NYISO and PJM and NYISO and ISO-NE. He also assisted in development of Market-to-Market (M2M) dispatch between NYISO and PJM.