Raja Iyengar

Mr. Iyengar has supported power system modeling and network model management for leading utilities including New York ISO and PJM. He has over 25 years of experience leading technology and innovation in the electric utility industry, managing multiple, complex system design and solution deliveries to modernize the power grid for resilience, economics, and reliability in a cross-functional collaborative team. He has significant experience in IT strategy/advisory services including product /process roadmaps, solution architecture, integration, smart grid, T&D operations, and wholesale power markets. He has a breadth of experience in operational technologies including ADMS, EMS, OMS, DER/Microgrid/Energy Storage Management Systems, Model Management Systems, Advanced Metering, Advanced Grid Intelligence, and Converged IT/OT Communications; and customer-facing technologies including Customer Care and Billing, Advanced Analytics, DR/DSM, and BTM Rewards /Incentive Program Management. He has also worked with and advised system operators in the US, Europe, and Africa covering wholesale power market management application portfolio, partner integrations, and systems planning. He has excellent knowledge of NYISO systems, interfaces, and business rules