Nelson Sanabria

Mr. Sanabria over the last 7 years in the energy industry,  has been working in various front office and back office positions with a focus on physical power trading, RTO settlements, and successful ETRM implementations.  Most recently, he was on the Tri-State Implementation team for CAISO EIM and SPP WEIS.  He was tasked with designing training plans, materials and transcribing market protocols for front office marketing and operator desks.  Adapt2, PCI, OATI systems were used during the implementation in addition to both market portals.  He has worked extensively across OATI suites of products including WebOasis, Webtrader, WebTag, WebSweep. He has helped design training protocols, market education events and traded over 3 million MWs in the Southeast Bilateral Power Market in 2020.   Mr. Sanabria specializes in physical power scheduling, trading, and has worked in SPP, MISO, PJM, SERC, and FRCC markets.  He helped lead a multi-year ETRM implementation between OATI WebTrader and Allegro Horizon from Architectural Design to Go-Live.