Madhukar Gaddam

Mr. Gaddam is an expert in design, development and testing of EMS/SCADA applications. He has extensive experience in developing network model, developing and tuning various network applications including State Estimation, Real Time Contingency Analysis, Dispatcher Training Simulator (DTS), Automatic Generation Control (AGC). Experience in full life cycle of EMS/SCADA replacement project. Strong knowledge of WECC/NERC compliance requirements. Drafting team member on some of the WECC reliability standards. Mr. Gaddam has expertise in testing and tuning of Real Time Voltage Stability Analysis (VSA) applications. Hands on experience with several major EMS/SCADA vendor platforms including ABB Network Manager, GE/ALSTOM Grid EMP Applications and V&R Energy, PowerTech VSA and PowerWorld applications. Mr. Gaddam also has strong knowledge of various synchrophasor applications like, Oscillation detection, Mode Meter.