Djifa Amefia

Mr. Amefia is a high-performing, accomplished, and driven managing consultant with 20 years in the Management Consulting industry and multiple years in the Energy and Utilities industry. He has a great understanding of the Power and Utilities landscape and is effective at providing utilities clients with a flexible, innovative business model supported by a strong operations foundation. Djifa’s focus has been on Enterprise Architecture, business transformation initiatives, and project management for utilities. Additionally, he has a deep technical business operations consulting experience with a solid track record of helping clients take a more strategic view of their priorities and helping them prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda, and maximize operational efficiency. He has detailed knowledge of electric power, natural gas, environmental markets, NERC-CIP, generation, transmission, distribution, and energy demand and proven expertise in US energy/power market analysis and a detailed understanding of architecture and design processes. Strong demonstrated experience in architecture principles, Grid Modernization from procurement to implementation, Renewable energy integration and compliance, wholesale energy generation, and transmission. Diverse skills and experiences including Architecture Assessment, Energy Integration, Systems Integrations, Business Process Engineering, Customers Engagement, and a long track record of successful solutions architecture and project management for energy/power industry clients.